The Feeling of Giving

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Wake Up and Capture That Feeling of Plenty


Giving to others creates feelings of abundance and plenty.

When you bring happiness to other people the focus and attention is one of plenty, not one of deficiency. This can occur even if you are not making a financial contribution.

By offering yourself to those in need, you are essentially asserting that you have “more than enough”.

This will translate into all areas of your life in ways that reflect quantity and abundance. A keen awareness of lack can occur when the focus is on your own troubles and difficulties.

Blessing others can make one feel good about oneself!

Sharing your time and imaginations can be of benefit and value equal to a financial donation.

It feels good to help other people. When you make giving a steady habit, you feed your inner joy. Regardless of the size of the contributions, one can feel the positive and uplifting vibrations felt when giving to others.

The more you do for other people can create a more wholesome feeling about yourself.

If you would like to heighten that good feeling even further, hide your identity. You will be blessing others without expecting anything of a reciprocal nature. The act of giving from the heart for the sake of giving makes the experience that much sweeter.



Becoming a mentor or role model for children and young grownups can bring joy into your life.

You may feel that you do not have anything to give to other people at present. This could be true if you are experiencing serious financial troubles or other lack.

Giving in anyway you can helps to capture that feeling of abundance and plenty in your life.

If you have training or expertise in certain areas, share that knowledge with others. Donate your expertise to a non-profit-making organization for a couple of hours a week.

There are endless ways to reach out to others, and only a few of them involve money.


Giving to others creates feelings of abundance and plenty.
If you don’t have anything to give, become a “goodwill ambassador”.

Make it your mission to go around spreading kind words and support to the people you meet daily.

Are you good at making others laugh and feel good?
Volunteer at a hospital or elderly care facility.

When you notice that a public servant is having a bad day, say something to cause them to smile. Compliment your co-workers. Express your appreciation to a police officer, firefighter or soldier.

Be generous when you tip your waiter, hair stylist and cab driver. You could leave a handwritten note thanking them for the excellent service.

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These are all such small gestures, but they can have a huge impact on both the one who receives and the one who gives.

Giving to others creates feelings of abundance and plenty.


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