7 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling Life Today

7 Ways To Live A More Fulfilling Life

Everyone wants to live a happy, positive and fulfilling life.

However, in today’s world, there is more unrest and dissatisfaction among people. Corporations and businesses have less interest in ethics and more interest in satisfying financial goals, some even at the expense of others. More people divert their attention towards building their statuses, chasing material gains and pursuing their physical wants at any price.

Here are 7 Ways to Help Bring More Mindfulness
To The Present Moment



With so many distractions today, it becomes easy to lose sight of what’s important, which is present moment. There is no sulking about the past or worrying about the future. The present moment is all we have and it is real. We cannot change the past, which is gone, nor can we control the future which is not here yet. Focusing on either of them and we’re merely living an illusion. Living in the present moment has a dramatic effect on our overall well-being.



Kindness can have a profound effect on our happiness. Research has shown that humans are hard-wired for love and compassion. When we are kind to people, it strengthens our connections with them and provides a source of support. Kindness can be as simple as a smile, a thank-you or a word of encouragement. What’s important is that it’s an act of genuine care and thoughtfulness for another person. By practicing kindness, it helps us to see others in a more positive light, and have a growing compassion for them.



There’s always something to be grateful for. By practicing gratitude daily, we learn to appreciate and become satisfied with the things and people we already have in our lives, instead of chasing the endless things to acquire. Gratitude makes us happier and it in fact allows us to be happier. It also makes us better, kinder, and whole again.



Personal growth is a great form of self-improvement. Growing can give a us a sense of realization and understanding about the self. The key is to continually improve and recognize our potential. Be inspired, set goals and navigate towards them. As we go through experiences, we grow in wisdom.



Let your past experiences as the best teacher of all. Identify those moments as points to improve and move your life forward. Once you’re done, let go of any anger or resentment of those who have hurt you, including yourself. Don’t look back and expect to learn something new from constantly analyzing or re-visiting the experience. Never let the past haunt you, making you the prison. Forgive and let go because forgiveness is for the self and it sets the prisoner free.



Optimum health for the self is achieved when there is harmony between you mind and body. For example, effort must also be balanced by concentration, if there is more effort than concentration, it will give rise to a nervous personality. On the contrary, if there is less concentration, it gives rise to laziness and a state of physical or mental inactivity. The middle way is the balance between two extremes, which is to practice and live with meditation.



Less is more. As our lives gets busier with so many additional demands on time, there comes a time when we should start subtracting. By simplifying one’s thoughts, desires and life as a whole, you are able to eliminates chaos. This increases your space and energy with overall serenity. As a result, there will be more clarity and less clutter. Focusing on one thing at a time helps one to live and achieve a more fulfilling and happier life.



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