20 Seconds of Silence


A Protest Against The Noise

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20 Seconds of Silence: A Protest Against The Noise

At This Moment In Time, We would Like To Stage A Protest

NOW… This Is A Protest Against Noise.

The noise I am talking about is the noise that continually
Comes from the TV, the radio, newspapers, magazines,
The Internet, Twitter, and ourselves.

Noise that goes to the drumbeat of war
Noise that breeds ignorance
Noise that stirs up hatred, inciting anger and violence
Noise that is meant to instill fear into everyone…
Men, Women, and Children.

Noise that distorts the truth
Noise that separates and creates walls between people
Noise that pits human beings against one another…
Man against man, country against country.

And these noises can always be found…
Coming from the TV, the radio, newspapers, magazines,
The internet, Twitter, and even ourselves.

NOW…The way we stage this protest…
Is for 20 Seconds, we just deal with some silence.

But the key to this protest,… Is that during this 20 Seconds of Silence,
The Key is…that there is complete silence.
Meaning…no mental activity what so ever.


(After 20 seconds has elapsed)

I would like to thank you, for participating with me in this protest against the noise.

The Power of Silence Is Golden


This protest is a reminder, Of what’s coming at us, each and every day And what we can do.

We can change the channel, We can lower the volume Or better yet, we can turn it all off

We can turn it off and focus on what’s inside each and every one of us, Something that that noise will never, never, never tell you. And what’s inside each and every one of us is…

Some peace and harmony, Joy and happiness Love and compassion, Prosperity and abundance, And physical well-being. It’s all inside each and every one of us.

But… If we continue day in and day out, Listening to, soaking up, digesting and believing in all of this noise.

We’ll Beg TO Differ.


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